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Designed purely for hardcore marching, the MTX is a workhorse known for its rugged endurance, extreme stability, comfort and contemporary styling.


  • The MTX has become the industry standard when it comes to comfort. In fact at the DCI World Championships Eight of the Top 11 drum corps wore the MTX Marching Shoe including the Cavaliers, Glassmen, Phantom Regiment, and Santa Clara Vanguard.

    At the Bands of America 2006 Grand Nationals Seven of the Top Eight High School Champions wore the MTX or Viper!

    Grand National Champion: Broken Arrow H.S. (MTX)
    2nd Place: L.D. Bell H.S. (MTX)
    3rd Place: Kennesaw Mountain H.S. (MTX)
    4th Place: The Woodlands H.S. (Viper)
    6th Place: Lawrence Central H.S (MTX)
    7th Place: Avon H.S. (MTX)
    8th Place: Carmel H.S. (MTX)

    Available in black or white
    Men’s med: 2.5 – 13 (full and half sizes)
    Men’s wide: 6.5 – 13 (full and half sizes)
    plus 14 – 18 full sizes only
    Women’s med: 4.5 – 15 (full and half sizes)
    Women’s wide: 8.5 – 15 (full and half sizes)
    plus 16 – 20 full sizes only

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