The PlusONE has a unique flexible sole specifically designed for the ever-changing trends of the marching world. This one-of-a-kind sole allows you to point your foot, and yet gives you need support. The perfect foundation for today's demanding marching techniques.


    • Napa leather uppers
    • First protected split-sole band shoe
    • Extremely soft upper give comfort so your band members can perform
    • Super grip sole for sure footing in wet conditions
    • Padded collar with Achilles comfort notch
    • Tricot lining with foam cell base
    • Non-slip sole with strategic traction points

    The Plus One Marching Shoe has a unique flexible sole designed for the ever-changing trends of marching. The perfect foundation for today’s demanding marching techniques.

    Woman’s Full and half sixes 5 – 12.5 , full sizes 14-18

    Men’s Full and half sixes 3 – 10.5 , full sizes 11-16



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