The RevStep is the only laceless shoe on the market!


  • Welcome to the Revolution of No Lace Band Shoes. This first-of-a-kind shoe will stay on your foot with our “Stay on Grip Lining. Tying your shoes is a thing of the past and now you can focus on your music and routine.

    • Synthetic soft upper.
    • First No Lace Band Shoe.
    • Extremely soft upper gives comfort so your band members can perform.
    • Heel with corps style curve.
    • Padded collar with achilles comfort notch.
    • Tricot lined with foam cell base.
    • Designed for every conceivable marching technique.
    • Low profile solve keeps you closer to the ground and more in sync.
    • Protected arch provides support and ultimate maneuverability.
    • Non-lsip sole with strategic traction points.


    Black – Stock# R2550

    Unisex Sizes

    • Womens: 5 to 12, including all half sizes in medium and wide widths.
    • Mens: 6.5 to 17, including all half sizes (except 13.5, 14.5, 15.5, 16.5) in medium and wide widths.